2 July 2014


This is always so hard and difficult.... starting a new blog.

I'm Kaisa and I'm a 16 year old girl from Helsinki, Finland. This is totally not my first blog, actually this is my third blog... haha. During the last year I have started many blogs but they have never really got interesting and I haven't liked them much. They haven't represent the style I want my blog to be. But now for the first time I'm really exited about my new blog because I've finally sure what kind of this one will be etc.

This blog will be mostly about outfits, fashion and clothes. I'm a fashion freak and during the last year my attitude toward clothes has changed much. Now a days I'm really interested about fashion and I love to read different kind of fashion blogs, -magazines and -pictures. But I'm not too serious with fashion and clothes... it's just a hobby for me haha. And I totally don't think I know much about it. Actually I'd love to know so much more... I'm just interested about it.

This first post was very crappy haha. It's difficult to try to write everything important without telling too much... well maybe the best way to see what kind of blog this will be is to be active here and to start following this.

thanks for reading this and welcome back!

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